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Reverse & Inverse


An operator that produces conventional 4 arithmetic operations, positive & negative, and separates concepts.


This is a primitive operation, like "addition" in the conventional 4 arithmetic operations. In calculators, all operations except division can be used as "addition" in calculators.
Similarly, all Japanese 4 arithmetic operations can be said to be successive variations of this arithmetic.


Arithmetic that could mechanically reproduce quantum entanglement with the arithmetic function of "stacking several calculations (functions) at the same time".

Reverse & Inverse

​A philosophical operator unique to the Japanese arithmetic that eliminates the "counterpart" in logic and allows mathematics to handle the "true feelings" and "prejudices" unique to humans.
Although it can be derived only by superposition, it is characterized by the convenience of handling the "quality" of consciousness with mathematics.


Shunji Mitsuyoshi

Project Associate Professor
Department of Bioengineering, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo

Shunji is an architect, sculptor, mathematician, AI engineer, CEO, and karate master.

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